An independent charity serving Nottinghamshire. Providing grants to young people or groups for the purpose of furthering their training and personal development.
a young disable tailor standing between a table and a sewing machine
a make-up artist teaching how to apply good make-up
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a young African American female student learning hairdressing
a young woman holding a basketball under one arm whilst flexing the bicep on her other arm


Thank you for helping me start my beauty course. If it wasn’t for Y-NOTTS I wouldn’t be able to see a brighter future for me and my son.

Y-NOTTS have invested in me by giving me the opportunity to embark on a personal training course to be credible in my field.

During recent times it’s been very difficult and having this extra support has meant so much.

I really wouldn’t be here without your help and support.

our mission

At Y-NOTTS, we are dedicated to providing pathways to fresh beginnings and enhanced employability prospects.

Our mission centres on helping young individuals aged 15 to 30 in Nottinghamshire who face financial hurdles in accessing education or training.

We also support people who have the ambition to set up their own business and need equipment to achieve their objectives.

Through essential funding, the charity, led by a close-knit team of trustees, diligently strives to provide a brighter future for those who meet our criteria.

Lynne Morgan, our Chairman, was interviewed on BBC Radio Nottingham and explained what we do and how we can help. Listen back here:

a happy young male dressmaker sewing dress in a workshop

Y-NOTTS has funded
over 300 applicants.

Y-NOT apply for the opportunity to improve your life?

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