This charity gives grants to young people in order to support their personal development and their efforts to find work or go into self-employment . We pay for training courses and materials required to undertake a course and may also consider purchasing equipment to support self-employment.

To qualify, applicants should be aged 15 to 30 and  live in Nottinghamshire. We can make special provisions in exceptional circumstances for people outside of the prescribed criteria.

Grants are only made where no other funding is available

Applications Criteria and Guidelines

  1. Individual applicants must live in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire.
  2. Group applicants must operate in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire.
  3. Individual applicants or group target applicants should be aged 15–30. In
    exceptional circumstances trustees may make exceptions.
  4. The application form must be fully completed.
  5. Repeat applications from the same individual are not accepted unless circumstances
    are exceptional.
  6. Explain how your application fits the criteria for training or personal development.
  7. Applicants should not have qualifications above A-level or similar (eg level 4,
    CertHE, HNC, HND, undergraduate students, university graduates).
  8. Trustees will not make grants for MacBooks or specialist equipment unless a
    detailed explanation is given.
  9. Applicants must research best value for courses and equipment. For anything
    costing over £500 at least 2 quotes must be submitted.
  10. If you want to start your own business or become self-employed please attach a
    costed business plan with your application. A business plan form can be
    downloaded HERE
  11. Please ensure referees are not family members, nor involved with or benefitting
    from the application.
  12. Applications can take up to 3 months for a decision. Trustees reserve the right to
    extend this for any reason if deemed necessary.
  13. Trustees reserve the right to make an exception to any of their guidelines.
  14. Trustees’ decision is final.

The committee’s decision will be given in writing by email.

Following a successful application we will make payments upon production of receipts or invoice.

Examples of grants made to individuals to assist with employability are:

  • £180 materials for catering course
  • £310 materials for hairdressing course
  • £1,637 course materials and bus pass
  • £900 desk, chair, laptop, lab equipment
  • £1,951 fork lift training and travel fares
  • £278 beauty course
  • £627 electrician equipment for course
  • £1,200 assistive technology and tutoring
  • £1,421 laptop for course and childcare
  • £1,799 gas engineer course
  • £150 hairpiece for employability

Grants to groups include:

  • £2,081 laptops for recovery group towards gaining skills
  • £1,687 group employability workshops
  • £4,550 youth crime prevention
  • £3,000 refugee bike project
  • £2,878 supporting women’s skills building, incl creche 

We do not support:

  • Undergraduate tuition fees or living costs
  • Post graduate courses